Fantastic Fastrac Foodservice Donations

Lord Somers Camp have been generously donated a range of dry goods, chilled products and meat from Fastrac Foodservice. The recent fortnightly food donations from Fastrac are used in delicious meals our kitchen team prepare, cook, package and then donate to the Westernport Community Centre. The contribution Fastrac have made supports us to continue our meal donation initiative with high quality ingredients.

Our fantastic Fastrac representative Bernadette personally delivers excess stock from their warehouse that would otherwise be sent to landfill. Together we are reducing food wastage and providing nourishing meals to those in need. Says Bernadette, ‘Fastrac understands the importance of providing a wide range of products to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.” She adds, “I love donating to you guys and seeing the results!”

Lord Somers Camp have donated over 3500 meals and we are proud to continue with the support of our fabulous suppliers.

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Magic Mobility Wheelchairs

A great news story has come out of the sale of our Combi Oven. It was purchased by a fantastic business called Magic Mobility who is a leading Australian power wheelchair designer, developer and manufacturer.  

Their focus is on creating wheelchairs tailored and customised to individual needs. They are determined to push the boundaries of what electric wheelchairs can achieve and above all, provide users with choice. Our Combi Oven will be used for the powder coating process to make custom wheelchair parts such as a camera attachment for photographers.  

To check out their amazing work head to https://www.magicmobility.com.au/ and browse their incredible range of wheelchairs and accessories. 

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Sustainable recycled tent bags by ‘Schusser Threads’

Our camp activity staff member Steph made a donation to a fabulous business based on Wurundjeri land called Schusser Threads.

15 of our old tents that were destined for landfill were donated to Abi who is behind the one-woman business, who then made the old tents into beautiful bags. The materials for these bags were used to provide camping to schools for 10+ years, giving our well-used gear a chance at a second life.

Abi crafts everything with the utmost dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing, right down to the type of thread she uses. Each bag is slightly unique, and features different parts of the tents, whether it’s the mesh inner, the instructional diagrams of setting up the tent, or the old hire badges from the previous company.

Check out her website below if you would like to make a meaningful purchase and support this great business.  https://www.schusserthreads.com.au/products/upcycled-tent-tote  

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3500 meals donated to Westernport Community Support… and counting!

Last week Josh our Camp Operations Manager and Zac our Head Chef at Lord Somers Camp attended the Balnarring Community Bank’s 16th birthday. During the event they presented us with a donation to the value of $1600. This is a generous contribution to supporting the ongoing meal donations we have been giving to the Westernport Community Support Centre. So far in the past year we have donated a grand total of 3500 meals, which we look forward to continuing. 

Our own suppliers have been a huge part of this meal donation initiative providing us with ingredients for the meals. Thank you to George from High On Fruit our vegetable supplier who has donated fresh vegetables to us for the past year. Thank you to Bernadette from Fastrac Food Services who have also donated to us recently. Thank you to Ben from Meat 2 Please who has also recently started to donate meat to us.  

A very special thank you goes to our team Zac, Helen, Alycia, Tavian and Talia for all their efforts in the kitchen at camp. Each week they are busy preparing, cooking, packaging, labelling and delivering these meals to those in need. A giant thank you also goes out to Georgia from Westernport Community Support for all your encouragement, and engaging us with Bendigo Bank for our positive impact on the local community.  

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Mess Hut Tables Restoration

Thousands of hungry visitors have sat at our Mess Hut tables and enjoyed countless delicious meals, witnessed brilliant speeches and entertainment, and been part of life changing education. Our beautiful tables had lost their shine. Their shimmer. And faded into the background as just another useful piece of furniture. But not anymore…

The intricate grain patterns on the wood suggest that these are no ordinary hardwood tables. They have stood the test of time and their beauty is on display again after having undergone a much-needed makeover, and you WILL notice the difference!

Take the time to have a close look at the tables when you next visit camp and let us know what you think. If we all show them some love and care, thousands more can enjoy our tables for many years to come.

This heritage restoration project is supported by a Mornington Peninsula Shire Heritage Grant.

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Stand Up Paddleboards

This pastime is taking the sporting world by storm and we offer it at Lord Somers Camp right now!

Stand Up Paddleboarding is an incredibly fun and safe way to stay fit and enjoy the best of what nature has to offer.

You may even be lucky enough to get a visit from our local pod of dolphins.

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Because the Coronavirus is currently preventing our happy campers from coming to camp, Josh Clark our Camp Activities Coordinator has come up with a fun way everyone can enjoy Somers Camp-style activities virtually.

Click the link HERE or watch our latest videos to see Josh tell you all about it.

Our first Virtual Camp Activity goes LIVE today! To catch up with our fortnightly activities as we go along, see our Instagram “Camp Activities” Highlights.

Follow us on Instagram HERE to join in.

We hope you enjoy our fun virtual activities program and very much look forward to seeing you play along!

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Thank you to Ruyton Girl’s School Yr7s

For the girls entering Year 7 at Ruyton Girls’ School, staying at Lord Somers’ Camp at the start of the year has become an early highlight of the school calendar. The beauty of the natural environment and the warm weather make the trip a much-anticipated one for girls entering Senior School. During our stay, we learnt a great deal about the local environment, historical sites and wildlife. Perhaps most importantly, we learned that the camp’s vision is to provide respite and holiday opportunities for families and/or children facing significant personal challenges.

Action-packed water activities, nature walks, sports and bonding with your classmates were extremely enjoyable for everyone. Spending time with all the girls helped every one of us make new friends and encouraged us to interact with a diverse range of people. After all the girls heard about Lord Somers’ generosity in conducting spectacular programs for kids who might not otherwise have such opportunities, we all realised how fortunate we are and began to appreciate more the wonderful things we get to experience. This realisation led to a communal decision by the girls that we would like to help the Camp achieve its goal of providing opportunities for other deserving children to enjoy what we ourselves have treasured: learning to communicate and work together, make new friends and have some good old-fashioned fun. We saw that these opportunities, that many of us perhaps took for granted, were not readily available to all, so when we returned to school, each of the four Form Groups brainstormed creative ideas to fundraise money to purchase new and much needed equipment for Lord Somers’ Camp. 7PGR held a chocolate toss, 7PBR and 7JGR held a serve-yourself lolly bar, and 7BMO held a spider drink stall.

All the money raised – some $920 – went to the camp, and each and every girl was happy that other children – and the amazing people in their lives who help and support them – might also have the opportunity to have a great time. Not only is it a tradition to visit the camp every year, it has also become a tradition to assist the camp in its vision for years to come.

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